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is for every(one)



YNACIO doesn’t paint within a category or to a specific demographic because He is not a fit in any demographic. Ynacio felt the pains of homelessness, but also saw the intense work and strain wealthy billionaires experience. He fought his way out of numerous addictions and healed from traumas that no professional deemed possible. Healing of this magnitude was possible through God and releasing these dark pains onto panes of glass.

When you look into an YNACIO you see a reflection of yourself, you see the deepest emotion reflected on these glass panes. Just as YNACIO healed through painting His darkest moments so it is that others will heal from their darkest moments through His artwork. Take August the painting depicted above, with a moment what do you see within his reflection? August represents everyone individually, he can represent the friend that everyone needs, the ambitious, hard worker, intelligent, and any quality that perhaps is only found deep inside the soul.

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