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What I love about Man is that I wish you could be with me the day I laid eyes on him, he absolutely was spectacular. When I paint I go to the edge of the darkness, I stay on the light side. It’s like a wall, I stay within the light but I’m not afraid of the dark. I’ve ventured over there many times


It literally was a very perfect moment, I knew that it was going to be powerful because at 3 o’clock in the afternoon I felt good, I felt calm and honestly I felt peaceful and for me that doesn’t happen a lot. But that day I did, I knew something good was coming, something big was coming but I didn’t know who until that night.


Once again, I’ll never forget the moment that I saw him. Some of my pieces come running out of the darkness, some of them come screaming, some come crying. Man he just stood there he moved but yet he just appeared. He was moving without motion. When I looked at him part of me felt really bad for him because if you look at him he’s got a lot of scars he’s got a lot of pain.


Man got his name because he wouldn’t say his name. He just stood there as you see him now and I looked at him and I said hey man are you OK how are you doing?


I looked at him and I knew he wasn’t OK but he was in a better place now. Where he came from was not good. He had been hurt, he's been wounded yet he did not scream. He did not cry, he just held his own. I think if he would’ve spoken his voice would’ve trembled and he would’ve fallen down but he didn’t. He stood there proud, beaten but absolutely beautiful and I admired man for that.


I wish Man would’ve spoken to me but he wouldn’t. What you see right in front of your very eyes is what I saw. He didn’t say a word, he just had that look that look that said help me I’ve been in a lot of pain. Yet he never said those words. I remember my hands moving so fast because I did not want him to leave before I could capture everything that I was seeing, Man is truly amazing.


I wanted to go over and hug Man, put his chin up but I didn’t and I couldn’t because he was that way just for me.


I know what it’s like to be hurt, damaged and destroyed. I don’t know if Man came to me or if I went to him. We share common ground and I was really good with that. I looked at him and I saw the mirror image of my soul and he didn’t have to say anything to me because I already knew what he was saying.


Man is a piece about being strong and suffering in silence. A lot of people do that. Man suffered in silence but you do what you have to do to survive. Man teaches us something. That lesson is what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and sometimes in life the only option you have is to be strong.


And when you are struggling that’s when you find your strength. When you don’t have any other options it’s either be strong or die. You are going to pick and choose really quick, Man he chose to live. He chose strength, he chose resilience, he chose to survive.


So here’s what it comes down to when you look at Man. Don’t you dare be sad for him, don't you dare think bad thoughts about him. Look at Man with respect you’ll get Man with love. Look at Man with compassion because he survived things that no human being could. He came from the darkness and made it through things that you could not even speak about that would haunt you in your dreams.


Look at Man and smile, be happy for him because he survived. Look at him with love and reverence like you’re watching a beautiful sunset not fading away, he’s coming alive and smiling once again. Man is absolutely amazing! Look at that face, try and hear his voice if you can do it tell me what he says because I can’t even do that.


All I know right now is that Man is a good person. God has an incredible plan for him and he is doing amazingly well. He is flourishing, he is thriving because he’s already gone through the hardest part of his life.


So do one thing for me when you look at Man, just smile at him please. And love him just because of who he is and what he’s gone through. Because right now I’m sitting here, I got a smile on my face and yeah I got a tear in my eye. But I love man, he changed my life forever. Believe me he’ll change your life forever because he is Man.

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