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Single Tear

When I look at single tear my heart breaks To this very day my eyes well up with tears, It’s both painful and beautiful and I use that word a lot because it’s one of my favorite words to describe this soul And his name is single tear.


When single tear came to me he came like a freight train he came screaming out of the darkness he was running for his life and he looked at me and I didn’t know what to say to him


single tear left me speechless he left me weeping because all Wanted to do what is the hold him


But I couldn’t even do that all I did was look at him,


his soul was crying his heart was broken


The first second that I saw him everything became so quiet that you could hear tissue paper falling on the ground I could see his heart beating in his chest but I could not hear it


I just had to look at him and I had to think what happened to you??


I believe he came from a shattered world he was bits and pieces just barely being held together


I think somebody’s prayers were holding him together but that prayer was fading and he was running for his life


But let me tell you this and no one certain terms


He was absolutely beautiful, If you looked absolutely angelic


he had a light inside him and it was strong it was powerful it was glorious but I don’t think he knew how to let it shine.


he was just in a really bad spot And some thing was chasing him it was hunting him


This is where he was coming from


The darkness around him it was just beating him down but single tear he again was absolutely beautiful inside and out I remember he did look at me and he had this beautiful sheepish smile his lip was trembling and he was mouthing some thing


But the words would not come out to this day I don’t know what he was trying to tell me all I know is I could feel him but all I wanted to do was protect.


I remember I painted him quickly because I did not want him To fade away.


I was crying the entire time and I still him every time I look at single tear my voice shakes my heart trembles but I can’t help it and I don’t care


I took on the pain single tear


It was a moment that I will never forget even today I remember it it’s engraved and branded into my soul and the last thing I saw when I looked at single tear is what you see right now


he went back into the dark


I actually screamed at him


I didn’t want him to go onto the dark but I couldn’t stop him


sometimes you can’t stop people No matter how hard you try


you can’t save people from themselves


I don’t know what happened to single tear all I know It was very low point in my life because I felt like I had failed


I could not save him no matter how hard I tried And I was screaming as I was painting.


I literally watched single tear fadeaway.


I remember telling single tear if you need me come back I’m Right here for you at this very moment


single tear he lives inside me he still makes me tremble his spirit


I will always love you Single tear


And the greatest way I could honor him and love him is portray him just like I saw him


so when you look at him know single tear was amazing beautiful powerful he’s still here with us remember him for more than just a single tear remember him because God loved him and I Will always have a place in my heart for single tear that’s who he is.


My life is better because single tear came into my life I can’t really explain why but he did something to me


All I know is right now I still cry for a smile because I know single tear wherever he’s at he’s in a good place but he still beautiful and I believe he’s not crying anymore


And that’s a story single tear

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