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So this piece is called scream. What you see is what you got, he literally turned the darkness into light, he made mountains turn into dust. When he was screaming he wanted everything to be leveled he wanted everything to know who he was.


He was his own entity, he was his own source of power, he didn't have a home, he didn’t know what home was. I’m not sure if he knew who he was but he knew that he had power.


He realized that he was really messed up. He was so angry that he literally was spinning like a tornado leveling everything in his path.


But when I saw him I stood really still and I looked at him. I should've been terrified and ran because it was so loud. It was deafening he literally made music die. He wanted everybody to see him but yet he didn’t know what to say. All he could do was literally 




Honestly I think he came just to say goodbye because he was so frustrated, so angry. Part of me says he probably would’ve liked to just maybe dance to a song that was peaceful or maybe he wanted to feel the warmth of a kiss from a beautiful girl but that just didn’t happen. I think he tried but something inside him or around him or in him or of him would not let go.


In the day he broke free from his bondage I just looked at him and I could feel that he just felt like he was never gonna be enough and I don’t know why he was absolutely beautiful in my eyes and I wasn’t afraid of him. Part of me felt sorry for him part of me Hurt for him, he was like a wounded animal just lashing out yet he has so much power 


The stars in the skies they looked at him and I swear they told him you are enough you’re good enough and he was, he would hold the world in his hands but he still never felt good enough about himself and all he did was scream


I know when I looked at him I was crying and I waved to him and I said “hey you are good enough it’ll be alright stop screaming and love yourself whatever the world says or anybody else says it doesn’t matter find peace within yourself you are enough you are more than enough but until you tell yourself that you’re just gonna keep screaming”.


You know he actually stopped screaming and I think he started praying and it was God who just smiled upon him and I know this piece he thought he was just dying. He was in so much pain sometimes we all feel like that, sometimes we just have to get it out of our system


What I’m saying is get it out of your system kind of like this guy did. He had a screaming out of his system then he came back to level ground


He walked away quietly I didn’t go into the dark he went into the light oh I know something changed in him he realized that yes he was enough, he was good enough


He came in like this torrential violent destructive storm and then it subsided


He just needed to know one thing, whenever you feel like you’re falling short you gotta realize one thing you are loved. Somebody out there is praying for you, somebody out there loves you, somebody out there will miss you. Just believe that no matter what it will get better because it will get better don’t ever stay were scream was


Harness that power within you and build yourself back up believe in yourself love yourself take good care of yourself and then go help others because you know what it’s like to be them


You didn’t come out of the darkness just to run away. He came out of the darkness so you can too. Go back in and help other people


Scream is doing just that but he is in the darkness but he’s not screaming because he’s in pain and agony he is screaming and calling to those around the door to come to him and he’s going to help them get out because he knows the path. He’s not doing it now out of anger and rage


Scream calls out out of love and mercy and grace to help those that were just like him


This is what screams about

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