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This piece literally came into my life when I was at a crossroads in my life. I was finding my faith, my religion, and who God is. I didn't know If I was going to turn towards God or run away from Him. I had run away from God many times before. But, the thing about God and faith is that He doesn't force you to love Him; you either do or you don't

And, yeah, I had some voices going on inside my head, but when I prayed that night and turned down the lights to start painting, He was the guy who showed up

Some of my pieces come walking out of the door, some come running. This one just kind of looked at me, and I actually followed him. He kind of waved to me and I waved back to him. I just started walking down this road with him

He shared with me some tough times in his life and I shared with him my tough times in life and I felt comfortable doing that


We became family


I never judged him and when I spoke to him he never judged me. We were just equal people, we were equal men finding our way in the world. This is probably one of my most coveted, favorite and deepest pieces just because of who the man is in the painting. He means the world to me, he was an inspiration to me, he was a joy in my life and he still is


When I talk about artwork I’m not just talking about paint on glass what I do is so much more I’m gonna take you on a journey with me I want you to feel his heartbeat and I want you to know how he was happy and in this piece he was hurting


I talked to him for what seemed like forever and always at night time. It's hard to explain, but there was always so much with him. What I will say is that he reconnected me, rewired me, and put me on a path to finding my faith. I owe this piece a debt that I could never repay. I was on the edge of wondering if I wanted to have anything to do with God, but this piece brought me back.

This piece, CH, He saved me.


This night that I saw him, when I was walking with him, he was just having a tough night. He wanted to say something but it just was really difficult for him. I think we all know what that’s like when you have so much emotion and feeling and you just wanna scream but for some reason you can’t. He just kind of remained silent. Still his face said it all, he had that sadness about him and what you see is what I saw


The thing about him is there is so much beautiful warm yellow around him and yet he was so sad. I think in life we forget the blessings and the joy in the little things in life, the details like how waking up in the morning is a blessing, having food and clothing is a blessing. He had a lot going on for him but sometimes the darkness blocks that out


I didn’t make him say anything, I just kind of walked down the road with him and sometimes that’s the best thing you can do. You just hang out with your friends, You hang out with your people and just be there for them


That’s what I did with this piece, I just hung out with him. I’m not gonna lie to you I poured into him my wisdom and he poured his wisdom into me. It was very much a balancing act, it was a kinship, it was a friendship that will last a lifetime. Oh I absolutely love this piece and I absolutely love CH he’s just amazing he’s powerful, he’s bold, he’s courageous, he’s kind, he’s generous


I look at this piece and I go, “You’re my hero”


Hi once again, I absolutely love this piece. Honestly I don’t remember painting it because I was too busy being on the journey with him but he appeared. When you look at this piece remember one thing that’s not who he is today, he was just having a bad day right then and there and that’s OK because don’t let one bad day make you feel like you have a bad life you don’t it’s just a bad day no matter what surely the storm clouds will run out of rain and the sun will shine again that’s the story of CH, he was just having a bad day but welcome to life if your having a bad day it’s OK go for a walk count your blessings


So that’s the story of CH probably one of my all-time favorite pieces

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