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I knew it was going to be a good night, I could feel it, some things just come naturally and this was going to be one of those nights. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon I was happy, it was fall, a beautiful August night.


I said good night to everybody like I normally do, it was 10 o’clock, I was ready for my ritual. There’s a ritual I do every night when I paint.


I get my glass ready, I get my paint out, I light incense to cleanse my area, I get my favorite Lionhead holder - it’s a really cool Lionhead holder it’s actually a door knocker. It’s really awesome though, big and heavy. Then I get on my knees.


I ask God to speak to me because I’m ready; I’m ready to go on into the other world l, I am open to whatever God sends me that night and any night.


Then I put on my headphones and shut off the lights. I close my eyes and I’ll let the darkness take me where it needs to go. I go right to the edge and that’s when I start slow dancing in my own mind.


When I go to where I need to go I don’t have to call out, I don’t have to holler, I don’t have to wait, I don’t have to do any of that. There he was waiting for me. He waved to me and he smiled and I waved to him. It was like picking up an old friend from the airport. He made me happy.


And this is highly unusual because a lot of my pieces are not happy. They usually cause chaos, anger, turmoil, and frustration but not him, no, he was none of that.


His name was August.


When I first laid eyes on him I knew his name was August. August is my favorite month of the year. It’s the end of summer and the beginning of fall. There are nice warm days, cool evenings, it’s just been a beautiful time of the year in my personal life. A Lot of good things have happened in August and I love August. He is one of my favorite pieces. One of my favorite men I’ve ever created.


I was drawn to him like gravity. I needed somebody special. How can somebody look at him and not be amazed. How can you not love August when you look at him.


First of all, don’t underestimate August. He is a good looking guy and I think he’s what all men want to be but believe me don’t let the good looks fool you. If you screw with August or people that he loves he will hurt you. August is a real man’s man. Once again don’t let the good looks deceive you,  August will kill if he has to without a doubt in his mind.


Once again he will take you to your knees. The thing is with August, you can’t help but like him. He’s got that really good boy who grew up next-door neighbor, country friendly,good and honest appearance to him. But I would stay on his good side.


August has been through some things in his life. Honestly I’m not gonna tell you what they are because he told me not to tell you. That was a very private conversation and I’m not saying anything. All I will say is look at his face. Feel it speak to you.


Look at the red on his face. Look at the white. Right down the middle his face is split. He’s a man who’s split into two pieces. I think he wants the world to see him but honestly they will never understand him and I’m not even sure if he cares anymore. If you do understand him though you will see once again that August has been through some really tough stuff. He’s that mixture of spirit and grit and determination.


August has that feeling of eastern Montana where I grew up. I came from the land of big, open country. Big Sky country. Not the big mountain, ski resort side  - I came from the hard land. Sage brush, cedar trees, barbwire fences, gravel roads, farmers, ranchers, and blue-collar backbone of America people who are good at taking what God gives them and making it amazing. You have to be seriously tough to live in eastern Montana.


August came from eastern Montana. If there’s ownership and a sense of pride in the land of the 406 it’s from the east side of Montana. He literally is everybody in eastern Montana, hell I’ll go as far as say all of Montana.


But when you look at him he’s everybody. August could be your cousin or your friend. Your brother or your boyfriend. August is old enough to be a father. August is once again a well-rounded, kind, good hearted, absolutely loving young man. He’s the kind of guy that you want your daughter to go out with because you know he will protect her and watch out for her.


And then in the end he’ll be a good husband and father; a good provider who will protect the family that he deeply and dearly loves. He is a man of strength and power and faith.


He is August.


I’ll say this. When I look at August he gives me great power and great courage. I smile and I well up with pride that God put August into my life. When I was painting August it was seamless. it was effortless. It was absolutely beautiful. It was as natural as rain falling out of the sky. It absolutely was harmonious and I am a better man and a better human being because I created August. But really God created him, I just move the paint.


What I love about August most is his eyes. Those big ocean blue eyes. He just stares right into you. I don’t care who you are you will feel August staring back at you. And you will love him for it. I have always loved August and I always will. I know wherever August goes he will be appreciated and he will be loved forever because he’s just that freaking good. He’s August.


All I know is that looking at August I feel like I could jump in a truck, throw on some music, go drive around and go look for some trouble to get into. August is that freaking cool. If you don’t have an August in your life go get one because it will be a glorious adventure. You’ll have stories to tell your children if you hang out with August. I always will until the day I die, say how much I love August. He’s just a work hard, play hard, good old redneck country, blue-collar eastern Montana guy.


I smiled at him and he waved to me. He gave me a I’ll see you later look and just kind of strolled down the road. It was a good night. I was very happy. No tears, no emotion, no sadness, it was just a great night. Just like hanging out with your best friends, one of your boys, one of your people.


August is your man. I can talk about August for days and weeks and years but look at August yourself and tell me how it makes you feel. Til the day I die I will always be proud that I painted August. He’s just something amazing and I love August.

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