Behind the Pain

Meeting YNACIO

How can the mold of a man be recognized without the perplexities from the soul?


     Born in 1971, Ynacio has familiarized himself with all facets of life: the poor, the rich, the joyous, the pain-stricken. Nonetheless, he accredits all this to God, who has given him the life and inspiration seen through his work today.

     Alone in every aspect, Ynacio had only his soul to speak to. Cold, homeless, abandoned, and beyond broken, Ynacio began sending the expressions of his soul onto pieces of cardboard, sheetrock, and glass inside an abandoned building. Today, Ynacio left the sheetrock and cardboard, but uses the glass to embody his expressions.

       The back of each glass pushes absolute emotion with each stroke that passes from Ynacio’s finger. Reflections of his soul, reminiscents of a shattered past, or the hope needed for a better future, Ynacio’s art is unlike any other seen throughout times past or times to come.