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This Is Me


My Story

“First of all I’m not a perfect person, I’m just like you. As I paint I'm pursuing what God put into me. I say thank you, to the creator of the universe, God. I put him first in my life and everything I do, my gift comes from Him and Him alone.”

Born in the 1970’s, Ynacio has familiarized himself with all facets of life through his five decades of life: the poor, rich, joyous, and the pain-stricken. Nonetheless he accredits this all to God, who has given him life and inspiration seen through his works today.

Alone in every aspect from growing up sexually abused to living off of free bread in minus 40 with no heat, Ynacio had only his soul to speak to. Cold, homeless, abandoned, and shattered, Ynacio began expressing his soul onto pieces of cardboard, sheetrock, and glass inside an abandoned building. Today, Ynacio left the sheetrock and cardboard using glass to embody all his expressions

The back of each glass is consumed by emotion with each stroke that passes from Ynacio’s finger. Reflections of his soul, reminiscences of a shattered past, or the hope needed for a better future, Ynacio’s art is unlike any other artwork seen throughout times past and times to come.

From homeless frozen alcoholic to clean sober homeowner, Ynacio helps other recovering alcoholics fight their demons. He speaks to people of what he went through in his life because it is his close belief that he can help them by understanding their situations more than any other person could.

“I hope others can find the same peace and healing I have found through God and my art.”

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